Award winning BBQ & Catering is what we do and we're proud to share our family's bold BBQ flavor with yours. At Cindy Lou's BBQ & Catering, we combine the freshest ingredients, our secret mixture of herbs and spices, and delicious hand selected meats that have been prepared with hours of love in the smoker. Our award winning BBQ is made to order and bursting with Applewood, Hickory and Mesquite flavor. BBQ Catering packages are available for preorder and togo or dine-in orders are available during normal hours. Come join the fun and share our family’s BBQ tradition with yours today.

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At Cindy Lou's BBQ & Catering, our smoked meats and barbecue are made with love. Every batch of Cindy Lou's smoked meats and BBQ is made with the same love and care that Cindy Lou used. In fact, we even use Cindy's original recipes that have been passed down to us for you to enjoy. Our homestyle approach and dedication to flavor and quality is unmatched.

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